Our history

Founded in 2020, INERCY offers its first resolutely daring watchmaking creation. It is in 2023, after numerous tests, prototypes and reflections, that INERCY opens a new chapter in its history with the ONE collection.
Thibault and Alexis are two childhood friends driven by a common watchmaking passion. Searching in vain on the market for an affordable and French mechanical watch with complications, they finally decided to launch themselves by creating their own brand.


This collection is the culmination of our vision, that of a watch with strong symbolism and equipped with the most beautiful complications.

The tourbillon movement is a complex mechanism which compensates for the effects of gravity on the balance wheel and thus ensures constant precision whatever its position.

Visible at 6 o'clock, the tourbillon materializes the passing of time by completing a complete revolution and fascinates with its tireless rotation.

The so-called “sector dial”, inspired by the compass, is the signature of the ONE collection.

The indexes, positioned according to the cardinal points, mark the relationship between choices, direction and the importance of time in one's life journey.
The hands also evoke the compass, guiding us on the path of our aspirations and our dreams.

Wearing INERCY ONE means embracing the art of living fully, and reconnecting with what is essential. Whether you are a passionate traveler, a daring dreamer or simply a lover of beautiful mechanics, INERCY ONE underlines the importance of seizing every moment and following your true north, with elegance, audacity and confidence.